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At Platinium Title, we take our position in the value chain very seriously. We exclusively sell to physical stores with available showrooms that, in turn, sell to professionals and end consumers. We understand the challenges that stores face in maintaining their profit margins. Instead of being a threat to them, we are their best ally.

We purchase directly from reputable factories, particularly in Spain, where high levels of quality and consistent stock are guaranteed. Moreover, we have a wide range of designs that are commercially underexploited and align with the latest fashion trends in the market. We do not work with intermediaries; our focus is on identifying and purchasing the best products for our select club of store clients.

After a decade of specializing in purchasing, factory inspections, and wholesale distribution of the same product, we have developed procedures to ensure the quality of the products we purchase and offer to stores. At Platinium Title, transparency is of utmost importance to us. Therefore, we offer a wide variety of qualities that are directly related to their prices, and you can consult them at any time.

Store verification: We verify the store to ensure it meets our requirements for collaboration.

Potential market analysis: We conduct an analysis of the potential market to determine the viability and opportunities for collaboration.

Collaboration contract definition: Once the store is verified and the market potential is assessed, we define a collaboration contract that outlines the terms and conditions of our partnership.

Access to stock monitoring tool: Upon signing the collaboration contract, the store gains access to our stock monitoring tool, which allows for efficient management and tracking of inventory.

By following these steps, we can establish a successful working relationship.

What we offer

The proximity to our store-clients makes us the best Partner.

Alex Aguirre